Targeting the MPS1 Kinase for Medulloblastoma Therapy

Rajeev Vibhaker, M.D., Ph.D. University of Colorado

Progress Update: 9/2012-8/2014

We have completed the initial set of studies to examine the role of MPS1 in controlling medulloblastoma cell division and validated a therapeutic target. We demonstrated that MPS1 is critical for cell division of tumor cells and both genetic and chemi-cal inhibition of MPS1. Several 1st generation drug candidates targeting MPS1 potently inhibit medulloblastoma cell growth. Currently, we are testing several second generation inhibitors that have less toxicity, but are just as potent at inhibiting MPS1 and sup-pressing medulloblastoma cell growth.

A manuscript describing our data is in preparation. Also, in addition to direct work related to MPS1, the funding provided by the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation helped to sustain the laboratory over the past two year. As a result we have recently (2014) been awarded two separate National Institutes of Health R01 awards for a total of 2.3 million. These are the first independent grants for me and the laboratory. Without support from CBTF these would not have been possible. So, it is a great return on the investment for CBTF! It is my pleasure to share this update.

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