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6th Annual Tennis for Tumors

Friday, 04 May 2012 20:00

The 6th annual Tennis For Tumors event had a successful tournament. The event was held on May 5th, 2012 at the Beerman Family Tennis Center located in Lakeland Florida. The tennis tournament raised $44,000 dollars in support of research grants for childhood brain tumors to help find a cure.

Brittany Truitt initiated Tennis For Tumors after she had a brain tumor removed in August 2007. The purpose of the tournament is to fund research and find new treatment options for children with brain tumors. The tournament also strives to raise public awareness of brain tumors. 

Jeff McCardle and Paul Walker organized the teams and directed the tournament. The tournament included junior, young adult, and adult divisions. The participants were divided into girls, boys, mixed junior, women, and men, mixed adult, and mixed young adult teams. Paula McCardle coordinated the kids’ camp with drills and games. The directors of both the tournament and kids camp did an amazing job running the event. 

Tennis For Tumors is thankful for the sponsors of the event. The success of the event would not be possible without their donations and participation. 


Corporate Sponsor

  • Lab Corp 

Court Sponsors

  • Dr. Larry and Tina Thomas
  • Raymond and Barbara Sheldon
  • C.C. Calhoun, Inc.
  • S.R. Wright & Co. CPA’s
  • Pain Management Associates
  • Dr. Michael Simon and Dr. Jorge Villarreal
  • Yates and Hagan
  • W&M Environmental
  • All Saints’ Academy
  • Lakeland Christian School
  • ATR Radiology
  • D-N-R Entertainment

We would also like to thank the participants, local businesses, and families for their involve-ment. The response is truly amazing and Tennis For Tumors thanks everyone who donates and volunteers. 

Brett Truitt was the chairman and Shannon Griffin was the co-chair of the event. The board members consisted of a group of high school students re-sponsible for planning, organizing, and carrying out the details of fundraising and the tournament. The other board members dedicated to this cause is as follows: Mason Bellar, Isabella Bogdahn, Madison Campbell, Blake Dantzler, Erika Fox, Savannah Griffin, Alex Hall, Anna Holt, Holleman Hughes, Nelson Hughes, Huan Huyah, Hayley Lockwood, Meredith Mancini, Mere-dith Marshall, Dylan Nguyen, Tyler Pate, Ann Portlock, Taylor Oliver, Devin Patel, John Portlock, and Brigetta Truitt. The students were comprised from Polk County and included public and private schools as listed: All Saints’ Academy, Lakeland Christian, Winter Haven High School, Lake Region High School, Santa Fe Catholic, Lakeland High School, and Grace Lutheran. The board members did an amazing job taking action against brain tumors. 


Thanks to Our Sponsors