A Sincere Thank You

Kal Shahateet, Luke's Dad

I can't believe that Saturday, May 5th has come and gone. I had been training since January for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon and now, five months later and 30 pounds lighter well, 15 pounds post-marathon, it's done. Although it was a lot of work, it was worth the effort as I've accomplished another goal in addition to raising approximately $5,000 for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation.

More so than my unexpected finish time of 1:55 hours (8:52 pace), I, also, was deeply touched by the generosity of my supporters. My initial target for the CBTF was $1,500 which a week later I raised to $3,000 and closed out at approximately $5,000. I've learned throughout the years that, although there are many important causes and charities in the world, anything that involves the life of a child takes precedence. People are eager to contribute their money or time  just so long as it's for a child. Children are our hope, our dream and, hopefully, our future and when something such as an illness threatens their existence we fight any way we can. It's through donations from my supporters and from others throughout the country that medical science can continue vital research on pediatric brain tumors and other devastating diseases.

Luke Shahateet

I want to whole-heartedly thank each person who donated to the CBTF in Luke's memory. It was my intention seven years ago to honor Luke's memory on the date of his seven year passing (June 2006). Seven was a milestone for me as he would have then been away from us as long as he was with us. Little did I know seven years ago that, while we may measure time via clocks and calendars, our hearts don't quite work that way. Although Luke physically isn't with us, he spiritually is. Luke and I had a long, overdue conversation last month on that 13 mile run. It was so strange, there were over 35,000 runners, but after about the 4th mile, it was only Luke and me. I could hear his voice, his encouragement and, most importantly, his laughter. Perhaps, that's why I finished the race in less than 2 hours which qualifies me for a marathon. "Thank you Habiby!!"


God bless the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation for their mission and God bless each of you who supported me in this fundraiser.

This story was written for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, Germantown, MD.

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