It was September 2003, our son Ryan, 13, was playing catch in the backyard with his Dad; he loved to play baseball and had just completed playing with a travel team that summer. Ryan complained of some light double vision which seemed to come and go, so we made an appointment with the optometrist. The following day the optometrist examined Ryan’s eyes and asked several questions. The optometrist felt the vision problem  was due to a virus as Ryan had been sick the week before, and felt Ryan would improve after a week or so, but he suggested a…
  By the time you read this I will have just turned nineteen, completed my first exams, and most importantly finished my third year tumor free.
  This story is about my daughter Kayleigh. She is currently 12 years old and has been battling a brain tumor, a craniopharyngioma to be exact.
Courage, determination and compassion are words that come to mind when thinking about twins Larry and Judith  Theriault of Peabody, Massachusetts. Now thirteen years old, Larry and Judith are living with neurofibromatosis  (NF 1). Diagnosed at 6 months of age and first manifesting optic nerve gliomas at age 2 and 3 respectively, Larry and Judith consistently make the most of life despite the challenges that each child faces on a daily basis.
  We took our daughter, Hayley, to the general practioner on Wednesday as she complained of a headache. He told us that it probably was a virus but to bring her back in Friday. My last question was, “Could it be a brain tumour?” Was it mother’s intuition?
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