Combined Federal Campaign

Give to CBTF, an all-volunteer organization, through the Combined Federal Campaign and America's Charities.

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation's designated numbers:

12035- for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), America's Charities.

9165 - for the Maryland Charities Campaign (MCC)

United Way donations are accepted, but donors must write in the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, Maryland, via "donor option or donor choice."

You may want to double check the donor guide for UWNCA and MCC for the most current designation number

Please designate the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation as the recipient of your contribution to these important charitable fundraising campaigns.

If we are not listed as one of the agencies in your local directory, you can still designate by providing our number, name and address to your employer. Thank you those who choose CBTF for charitable donations. Your support means the world to families and friends of children with brain tumors.  Thank you!.

Thanks to Our Sponsors